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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Register To Vote?

You can register online by going to the the New York State page to register to vote: Register

Check your registion and the location where you vote?

Check your registration and location to vote here: You Vote Here

Absentee Ballot Information

Any eligible voter may vote: by requesting an absentee ballot. Your absentee ballot application must be received by the Board of Elections no later than October 23 (except absentee ballot application may be delivered in person to the Board of Elections office in Mineola until November 6), Request an absentee ballot>

When is early voting in New York

Early voting is from 

Want to change your Party enrollment?

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Do yor live overseas?

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Are you in the Armed Forces?

If you are in the armed forces you can get your voting information here.

Want to leam about Voting Machines?

New York has voting assistance for ADA  access. You can view the machines and features here: Voting Machines.

Need to look up your Elected Official or District Map?

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Become A Poll Worker

View befefits and descriptions for being a poll worker here: Be A Poll Worker